MinerGate mobile app improperly banned by Google Play


Google bans MinerGate mobile app

MinerGate strongly believes in legitimate mining and its mass adoption. We have always been operating in compliance with all rules and policies. Adhering to the requirements of app stores on the market is essential in developing of the mining industry forward.

After Google Play Store Developer policy has been updated, Google Play blocked mining applications, but only those that “remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency” or mine outside the user’s device. With that in mind, MinerGate provided a timely update to the mobile application on 21 August so the proper consensus between the project and the marketplace would be sustained. MinerGate app with its 1m+ downloads has been removed from the Store on August 29th regardless of the efforts put in place. And we are still hoping to resolve the situation in the nearest future.

MinerGate has always sought to protect the interests of its users, and we are working on a solution to maintain our service continuously.

You can always download our application from our website: https://minergate.com/downloads/mobile

We are sure to bring the good news soon.

MinerGate team

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Google play has removed many non-crypto apps as well, everything is done using the algorithm, they are not doing it manually, i hope they will restore it after review