MinerGate has upgraded Ethereum pool



MinerGate is happy to inform its users that recently there was a significant update of the Ethereum ETH mining pool with enhanced stability, adaptive job difficulty and higher profitability for miners. You may find more information and join your workers here. MinerGate continues to work on improving other pools and will notify you of all […]

The Most Important Bitcoin HardForks in 2017


Bitcoin hardforks

No matter how optimistic some might have been regarding Bitcoin’s growth in 2017, the market’s bull-run, throughout the year, took price to a yearly high that exceeded the most hopeful predictions. During the past year,  Bitcoin price increased by more than ten times. More interestingly, Bitcoin’s blockchain was forked more than 20 times during 2017. […]

An Efficient Ethereum Mining Guide for Newbies



Ethereum, the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency by market capital, exhibited massive growth in 2017, as its price increased by more than 12,000%, rising from $7 in Januray, 2017 to around $860 towards the end of 2017. Interestingly enough, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and technical analysts believe that Ethereum has the potential to grow even more than $1350 in 2018. As such, Ethereum would be […]