Payment ID update


MinerGate is changing for the best for you, here are our latest updates:

Payment IDs now can be added to your transactions. It means that you can send coins straight to any merchant or exchange you need. Payment ID section is optional. If you need to withdraw your funds to your own wallet, there is no need to enter it. If you are transferring the coins to the exchange, the payment ID is generated by the exchange itself, then you should add it to the section.


miner payment id

Here is where you can find the Payment ID


We have finished implementing of Stratum.

If you wan to connect to MinerGate with a different miner, you can do it now. Enjoy!



Hello, I’m sapping few days with minergate but I have trouble collecting my winnings, I have hitbtc, Xapo, Coinbase and see any of portfolios makes payment ID

I keep getting the below error when I try to withdraw to an exchange –

Payment ID must be a string string of 64 hex characters