Secure your coins


Dear miners! Today we would like to teach you how to add extra layer of security to your account and protect your funds. Keep your coins safe and sound and never worry about them.



Enable 2-step verification


It’s very easy and efficient at the same time. Even if the hacker gets access to both your e-mail and your password, (s)he won’t be able to send the coins anywhere without the verification code generated on your mobile device every 30 seconds. Getting access to your password AND your phone/tab – that is quite tricky. Make them struggle for your coins at least!

To enable 2-step verification:

  1. Go to your Dashboard>Profile>2-step verification2-step verification
  2. Click “Enable”Enable 2fa
  3. Download Google Authenticator app. It is available both for Android and authenticator
  4. Scan the QR code with the application or type it into the application manually.qr code
  5. Enter your password and the code generated in the app.pass&code
  6. Click “Enable” again.
  7. Your funds are secure!2-step verification on
    Now you will need to enter the code from your mobile device each time you want to withdraw some sum of money. The crooks and hackers won’t be able to steal any of your hard-earned coins.

Withdraw to the wallet

If you don’t always have your mobile device on you or don’t want to enable the 2-step verification for any other reason, there is another option. Just regularly withdraw what you earn to the wallet of the currency you mine. Even if someone hacks into your account, they won’t have much to thrive on.

It may seem to an inexperienced miner that it is difficult and takes too much time to create a wallet. I also was a newbie when I created a Bytecoin wallet for myself, so I promise you that it is not that challenging as you may think. What’s more, MinerGate is here to help, as usual.

Visit our FAQ section where we have instructions on how to create wallets for Bytecoin, Monero, DigitalNote, QuazarCoin, Fantomcoin, Moneta Verde, Aeon, Dashcoin, and Infinium-8.

If your preferred cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, no worries. Just withdraw your coins to the exchange. Learn how to do it on our Mining page or in this exchange tutorial on one of the easiest cryptocurrency exchange services – Changelly.

Please remember that you are the only one responsible for your money! If the hackers manage to perform the transaction and it gets to the block, we won’t be reverse it. Like with the physical money, if your banknotes are stolen, they are gone forever, there is no miraculous way to bring them back to your pocket. Be careful and stay alert.


Why you dont make the 2step with sec way? Many company’s use the ip.users give his mobile number and the site (minergate) every time users login with different ip from last login the site send in user mobile one new code for add it in site to activate and use the account. Easy way with out app and scans Qr

I just recovery my smartphone, just install back the google autenticator but my record is lose already,
how can i register it back to minergate profiles ? it unable to disable .

I do not have devices for Android, so I set up authentication via the add-on for Chrome.
But, unfortunately, the blog does not say that you need to write down the secret code in any way.
Now, without this code, I can not create a verification code and log into my account.
Without this code, I can not log into my account from another device. In addition, after reinstalling the system, I can not log into my account.
As a result of this “protection” my account is not accessible not only to cybercriminals, but to me.
Now I hold one open session, which I did not accidentally close. Now I have to ask to disable the protection, because in the profile I can not disable it myself.

hello .
Guys when i am trying to withrow with email (freewalet) its asking me
to provide ToTP code, but there is no where to provide that .. ? : ?

I just installed the authenticator back but now I don’t know how I can get the right verification code.

How do I get the code?