Security statement


MinerGate always cares about the data security and all the aspects around it. Especially at this time, when some of the huge services were hacked or lost the private data of their users. We still have a relevant post which includes some important tips for you, in order to make your account impregnate. In this paragraph, we would like to throw some light on what we are doing for meeting the safety requirements and share the information about the latest changes in withdraw or transfer procedure.

Cold wallets

MinerGate keeps most of the user’s savings on the cold storages. This is a necessary security precaution which makes impossible any frauds or hackers attacks into your wallets.

Withdraw procedure

The procedure of coins transfer and withdraw has been updated within the last month. From now, you have three different ways to accept the operations. This decision was made according to your wishes and for the better protection of your account from any fraud opportunities and hackers attack.

To withdraw or transfer your funds, you need to complete one of the following actions:

1) Enter the password

2) Confirm the transaction in the mailbox

3) Pass 2FA (The safest option)

If you have any suggestions for our team or experience any issues, we encourage you to contact our support team here.