The community aspect of Grincoin


The community aspect of Grincoin

The community is an essential part of blockchain networks. It’s pretty obvious because there will be no decentralized projects without people to support such a structure. That’s why along with technical development, cryptocurrency projects should carry on the community management.

It always starts with the idea. There are dozens of blockchains and cryptocoins today, so if the developer wants to attract as many people as possible, he should propose some awesome concept, which fit demands of a huge amount of people. One of the easiest ways here is privacy and security. On the second place, we will find scalability and only the third one will be all other “killer-features”. It’s obvious as well – people all around the globe are tired and afraid of the permanent control of their personal data and fundings by some third parties. Banks, governments, various web services – these guys know almost everything about people and their life. And as we know, in the informational era one who got knowledge – got the strongest control.

That’s why the idea of privacy is so attractive. It promises independence from the local authorities, governments, and other regulators. It is considered to be, that Bytecoin (BCN) with their CryptoNight algorithm was the pioneer of preaching privacy among blockchains networks. Later more projects appeared with the same philosophy of that no one except you should know anything about your money.

The next critical point is security. No one wants to lose his money because of some bank mistake or as a result of the fraud attack. And this is how blockchain networks could help people too. With time-proven or vice-versa brand new cryptography, each successive cryptocurrency proposes more and more mechanisms and algorithms to secure users’ funds.

The last, yet not the least idea to attract the audience is scalability. Why? It’s easy too. To make such private and secure networks widespread, it’s not enough just to start some marketing campaign and gather millions of users – network should be able to hold such number of clients and be comfortable for all of them. Extremely high transaction speed along with extremely low integration difficulty are major points for this.

All other features, as it was told, could be omitted, because, generally, only these three make sense.

The Grin cryptocurrency masterfully combined these three critical points and that’s how the project showed a rapidly growing community. People all around the globe striving to find one blockchain and cryptocurrency, which will address their needs in privacy. As a bonus, MimbleWimble is an open-source protocol, so each user from the community could make some changes and propose some features, however, they won’t be accepted without the majority of votes, which secures blockchain and its users from undesirable changes.

The community today is a driving power of almost any project, whether blockchain related or not. Addressing the needs of people is key to the success of each and every business, because, in the end, customers are making any business successful, and it’s better to keep them satisfied.