The easy way to mine Cryptocurrencies with your smartphone


The most important thing about mining cryptocurrency is the “hashrate” that you can make every second (H/s), it’s the number of mathematical processes you can solve within a second range. That is why its important that you mine with all the equipment you can use, desktop, laptop computers and why not, your smartphone.

One of the best applications for mobile mining is MinerGate App. We will study this app from its installation to the technical implications of use to generate a passive income in the best way without over heating your smartphone.

mobile mining Minergate

CPU mining is an exclusive for Cryptonote algorithm because it does not use ASIC computers and in some cases it does not use GPU, so mining is easier and you can do it on any PC, Mac, Linux, Android Tablet or Android Smartphone.

To do this you need to install the app from the following link on Google Play here.

The app is designed to choose three mining difficulties that range from the lowest to the highest and this implies more or less energy consumption. The app can be used on any Android device.

The Highlight Features

  • You can mine from your mobile device.
  • Check connected devices and balances.
  • Chat with other miners at MinerGate in your language.
  • Connect to your MinerGate account.
  • Withdraw coins from your account.
  • Check cryptocurrencies prices.
  • Buy and control your Cloud Mining contracts.

First Impression.

The application covers all information from your MinerGate account, easy to understand and graphically friendly. With a single click you can start mining by choosing the currency you want.

With the application you can monitor your mining process, the number of miners working, the amount without confirmation, the amount mined and wallet.

You can chat with the community to find out about the trends or consult any technical problem that the community can solve.

Mining Test Drive

My test drive was made with a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 with Octa-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)mobile dashboard Minergate

My first attempt was mining Monero, working with the 8 cores and with a medium difficulty. I made a 40H/s hashrate without any other background application opened. The phone had no operating problems while mining, there were no crash problems, I only noticed that the battery was decreasing fast, for long time mining, you need to be connected to the charger.

After fifteen minutes of battery use, the battery is draining very fast at 10% every 5 minutes. I can notice that the temperature of the cell with cover increased considerably, so I proceeded to remove the cover case and to connect it to a charger.

mobile MG

Mobile mining is risky since you demand 100% of the processor versus the time that you have mining, so I recommend that you mine for short periods without charging at the same time. Only use the battery power to not overload the processor and burn your phone.

You need to have your phone in a cool and uncovered environment for mining.

Mobile mining vs Desktop mining

Surprisingly in the test with one 2012 iMac, 2 laptops and a 1 Motorola smartphone, the winner was the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 with a better hashrate in Mobile mining, partly because of the processor and the amount of cores it has. However, the result, apart from surprising me, shows that the smartphone has a better CPU processing to mine. (The mobile mining was with Minergate app for smartphone versus desktop mining for Mac and PC mining Monero).

If you live in a cold climate you will not be inconvenienced with the heat that can generate the battery or the processor, but I recommend you choose the lowers rate version to mine.

Mobile mining requires dedication effort and lots of technology and if you have the right tools, you can control and optimize your resources.

The best tool for monitoring your miners

mobile Minergate calculator

MinerGate app gives you everything you need to manage your Minergate account without having to log in from a PC. Chatting is one of the best tools. I consider it to be a necessary in cryptocurrency because it helps you to find daily mining topics.

The community is so large that you can find chat rooms for every language you need. It has supports from Spanish, English, Russian, Italian and more.

MinerGate app has a calculator that can help you to get an idea of how much H/s you need to see the reward in each of the coins you want. As well as the current prices of each of the currencies graphically. This is a necessary tool to evaluate the competitiveness of each currency.One of the advantages of the app, that many of the community of miners in the world like is the reward by recommendation program.

The mechanic of this program is if you share a link with your family or friends and they register through that link you can receive rewards.

The tool that I liked the most is the status bar of unconfirmed, it is a graphical way to know your goals in the short term, so you can focus more on one currency versus another currency that needs more time to undermine it. This bar is only available in the app. The desktop version only shows “pending to confirm number.

It´s an effective way to control and monitor your miners remotely, either using the MinerGate platform or other console mining platforms like CPUMiner-Multi, Yam miner, ccminer-cryptonight.

Last but not least is the support of languages available in English, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indian and Russian. Everything including menus in the language you need.

The future is now and you are living the birth of a new monetary system based on technology. Discover it!

Rating: 5


Very good idea with the minergate-app for mobiles. I have a older android-phone, and the hashrate is very poor. But i have a new iPhone. Is it possible for the future, you can create an app for iOS devices?

Best regards,

These are nice tips, however there’s one thing that makes it a bit troublesome. Modern laptops (especially Intel-based) are not to suitable for CPU mining. The reason for this is CPU throttling. When things go to hot, CPUs will throttle down to anywhere around 60-80% of full power, which makes mining less efficient.
Looking at Minergate app, mining XMR on a Intel i7-6700HQ CPU, which has 4 physical (8 logical/hyperthreading) cores, you’ll be “punished” for mining with anything more than 3 cores. 2-3 cores give a hashrate of about 70-90H/s. Give it more cores and it simply drops to around 50H/s.
That being said, laptops with this teer aften come with dual graphics card (nVidia Optimus for example). What you can do, to further optimize the process is to get yourself a Linux OS (LiveCD should be enough), configure it to use the main graphics card (Intel integrated) for the system, leaving the discrete one nVidia) unused, but loaded and ready. Then you just switch the OpenCL to use the nVidia card and go for GPU mining on the discrete card, which is not loaded with anything system-related.
That setup gives me a steady 350-400H/s. 🙂

Rating: 4

This is true! I do have a MacbookPro 2015 with an 8 core i5. I can only use safely 4 core because if I use more cores it crashes after a few minutes. Any suggestion on CPU entry level to start with?

Rating: 5

Hello, Samuel.

Please, contact our support – and specify your used software version and full specs of your laptop.
The main parameter for mining with the MinerGate app is an amount of L3 cache, the number of active cores is secondary.

Will there be a Mining app for iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPads in the future? They got fast CPU too compared to Android devices.

Hi, I am very keen to mine ETN in the minergate program. I can already do it on the PC by using the other pools option.
It is the same code as XMR
Would it be possible for you guys to bring out a version to do this?
If you need someone to test it I am more than happy to do this for you.
ETN is going to be really successful once it is properly live it is already in the top 40 crypto’s so to miss out on this opportunity would not be great.
You have my email, let me know.