The winners of the ‘I am a miner’ project. $500 awarded to the best of the best


The winners of the ‘I am a miner’ project. $500 awarded to the best of the best

Today we are summing up the results of the ‘I am a miner’ contest. Many brilliant life stories have already been published in previous blog posts and now it’s time to announce the winners. There are two people who impressed the MinerGate team so much that we cannot wait to share it with the whole mining community.

Here’s the personal story of Niklavsbeikerts, who always stood up no matter what. Unfortunately, we had to publish a short version of it as some details were so shocking that it’s not completely appropriate to present it to the publicity.

“My parents simply didn’t know how to raise me and my brother. They’ve never shared money with us, only were mistakenly strict and wrong all the time. They never cared, only showed false love. Now, after everything I’ve done, which most of my family didn’t know about, they finally showed some gratitude. Mother used to say that I and my brother are not her children so she was sent to the psychiatric hospital. It had something to do with my daddy. Dad started drinking, he was going over himself and couldn’t take it so he gave up. I’ve been taking money from my mother for some time without her knowing. Banks have been trying to fight me, they are ugly pagans who thrive on others sorrows. I always knew that I have the biggest destiny of all, the smartest, always felt that way, but too many reasons tried to hold me back… Incredible thoughts occurred those young days… Always looked at everything with excitement and interest and carefulness. I used to think that I can gamble my money on roulette. In 2008 or so it was possible and many people became rich that way using roulette software. I found out about mining when Bitcoin got as high as 10k and I started mining BTC. I started to mine to do a real and actual job and to fight cause I deserve it.”

This confession deserves to become a screenplay for an epic movie about mining. Claude Lecomte, MinerGate CEO, was so touched with the narrative that he decided to personally reward Niklavsbeikerts $500 for showing fortitude and true grit. Congratulations, pal! Please contact us at contact@minergate to receive your prize.

Initially, there should be only one winner but MinerGate couldn’t resist mentioning one more person. One of the oldest moderators sent us some poetry dedicated to mining. Letsdancemusic rewrote a famous song by Police “Every Breath You Take”, Puff Daddy cover.  Please welcome “I’ll Be Mining You” by Letsdancemusic.

“Seems like yesterday we used to rock the dough
I build the GPU-racks, while you Cpu mined it slow
So far from hashing on top blockchain for show
Notorious, I am I always like to show that
Thugs Life ain’t always what it seems to be
No Words can express what you mean to me
Even though you’re high price gone, we still a team
Through MinerGate family, I’ll fulfill my dream (that’s right)
In the future, high BTC price can’t wait to see
If you token up blocks on MinerGate for me
Reminisce some time, the night they took my ZEN
Try to hash another coin out, but it finds more blocks again
When it’s real, now my bitcoin address hard to conceal
Can’t imagine all the bitcoins I did steal
Would kill anythin’ to increase my wealth
I know you still livin’ cause you’re still clouding
Every block I take, every coin I make
Every single day, every second of the day
I’ll be mining you
Thinkin’ of the days when I cashed it every day
What a life to fake, what a song to make
I’ll still be mining you”

His creativity brought us so much joy that we asked this incredibly talented guy to become a member of the jury and judge of the #iamaminer contest, that will take place on Twitter starting next week. If you somehow missed the open letter to the mining community from Claude Lecomte, click here.

That’s all folks. The contest is over but #iamaminer flashmob is on the way.  Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for more announcements and opportunities to speak up and win some money!