In August, we asked you to share your mining experience with us, to send us your mining stories. We found some of them really thrilling, chose the best and now present them to you. This is the story of our user Andrew.

Hi, I would like to tell about my experience with coins.


Minergate mining application interface

It all started a little over a year ago. My family is quite poor so I had an old slow computer at the time, but currently I use a better one. I’ve discovered bitcoin when it was worth only a few cents, I guess nobody expected then that it would skyrocket like that one day. However, I must say, I was still rather suspicious about dealing with it even when the bitcoin reached 1000 dollars. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

mining rig

Santa’s little helper

At first, when I had my old computer, I had some difficulties using my graphic card to mine, at least for the best known currencies, so I started to look for other possibilities. I struck some luck with the casino, one day I even managed to earn almost 0,5 btc but then I decided to quit the casino as I was risking to lose everything in a blink of an eye.

I devoted a lot of time to the world of faucets but then I realized it was rather hard and took a lot of work to get a coin, so I decided to create a faucet myself. The world of faucets was great, with a lot of websites and all, I really enjoyed it. The idea was to gain publicity but after a while I had to give up because it didn’t pay off and I didn’t earn enough to cover the hosting.

I began looking for the new coins bearing in mind that one of them could increase in price someday.

bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin price chart February-September 2015

One day, I discovered Minergate, where I chose several simple coins and started mining on my CPU. I was doing some research on cloud mining when suddenly and unfortunately had an outbreak of schizophrenia. I spent 3 months in hospital until my condition stabilized. I forgot a lot of things but had a lot of free time during my treatment so I was spending it thinking about Minergate and how I would like to get back to mining.

And my wish came true, I’m mining with Minergate again using the website itself and have the application running. Unfortunately, my computer isn’t suitable to mine with GPU but still I like Minergate a lot and believe in it, it always works without any difficulties and in my opinion, has the most convenient application. I hope to get better at mining soon, who knows what the future holds for me.

web mining

You can also try mining with your browser on Minergate


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Sorry about the hospitalization, that sucks. I’m trying to mine monero but it’s only going 2 H/s (1.6 GHz)

Witam z tej strony Maksym.Ja zaczynałem od wpisania chasła na youtube;Zarambiam na komputerze.znalazłem miner gate,zaczynałem kopać na gpu ale mój komp był nierentowny więc kupiłem moc w chmurze i jestem zadowolony,płacą .nawet jadłem chleb za wirtualne pieniądze.