Update on console commands for MinerGate xFast CLI Miner


Update on console commands for MinerGate xFast CLI Miner

Dear miners,

The MinerGate team is pleased that so many of you joined the Beta-testing of the new xFast CLI Miner. However, we received many messages from you regarding the difficulties with new console commands of the software.

If you experience any problems with operating the new miner, type in “--help” console command and you will get the detailed list of relevant commands. If you used “--help” and haven’t found what you were looking for or the information was not accurate, please feel free to contact MinerGate support team 24/7.

You can also contact us with sending an email at support@minergate.com.

MinerGate’s primary goal is to provide you with smooth and efficient mining solutions. Your feedback on the performance of the new xFast CLI Miner is essential for us to make further developments more suitable to your needs.

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Hello, Javier.

There’s no installation for Ubuntu version – you should launch terminal, switch to the folder where you have saved and unzipped miner and start it via terminal command. Like:
cd YourUnzippedMinerFolder
sudo chmod +x minergate-cli.bin

And proceed the following instructions

how to start with cli minergate xfast in windows 10, can you share the details syntax to use this minergate xfast in windows. i currently use minergate v8.3 GUI version and its works fine, wanted to try this beta version (minergate xfast) but unable to make it work

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Hello, Neelam.

You need to download and unzip the archive from our website. Then you need to start command line from the folder with the unzipped file. In order to do that you need to press and hold ‘Shift’ button and click the right mouse button on the blank space of the folder. Choose “Run command line from here”.
You can now use the command minergate-cli --help to find all the necessery syntax.
Generally, the start mining command looks like:
minergate-cli -u email --currency threads -g device_no

Where email is your login on MinerGate, --currency is the place for specific coin ticker like XMR for Monero, ETH for Ethereum, threads stands for the number of CPU threads you wish to mine with, device_no is the order number of GPU device which you can find out by using this command -l or --list-gpu.

Hi i need to know what i can do to detect my second graphic card.i use a AMD R9 390 but i also want to use the 1060 3GB card as well. i only get the AMD one working and the Nvidia card is not even showing.

Hi, I have a quick question. I have multiple i5 + GTX 745 workers. The old miner is giving me a nice combined hashrate, however while the new one is ~25% better for CPU, after a GPU calibration cycle which lasts for about 10 minutes, I get ~2 KH/s which is poor to say the least 🙂 Tried with the new beta miner v1.0 and v1.0.1. Installed CUDA 9. Could you offer any advice? I’m using this command (as I only have a single GPU per machine): minergate-cli.exe -u my_email –XMR 8 -g

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hello, Mehdi!

There is no installation process for the Mac OS CLI version – you need to download the miner, unzip it and open the Terminal from the folder with an extracted miner.

how to start with cli minergate xfast in ubuntu, can you share the details syntax to use this minergate xfast in ubuntu?