V. 5.07 – Achievements


Dear miners!

The fresh version 5.07 of our software is already out there and this time we came up with a fun feature – achievements for mining. Download the new version here.

Mining itself is a lot of fun but we wanted to bring even more entertainment into the process. Now when you complete an action in the application or reach some mining milestone, you get a new achievement. There are 30 achievements in total, when you discover every one of them, you get to defeat Claude – your vile mining rival. Enjoy gathering the army to make him surrender!



Collect all the achievements and defeat Claude


Finishing off Claude is not your only trophy – when you celebrate your triumph over him, you get a special super prize from MinerGate! We don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so we deliberately don’t disclose the conditions of getting each achievement. Let this be a surprise for you 😉 Although, you are free to discuss it on our Forum and share your secrets and tricks with the community.


mining application


Getting achievements is undoubtedly fun, but let’s not forget about business. Here are all the new features we implemented in the 5.07 version of MinerGate GUI miner:

  • last used payment ID shown during the withdrawal of funds
  • improved design of the Wallet
  • achievements
  • notifications about new downloads available
  • fixed mining errors after passing the benchmark
  • minor bug fixes

Hope you like it, please send us your feedback if you have some ideas or comments to share. You can contact our support team, share your thoughts in the Forum or leave a comment here.

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