MinerGate GUI v. 5.08 launched – AMD GPU mining


V 5.08 of our software with AMD mining and multiple GPU mining released. Download it here to explore all the new features.

minergate 5.08

What’s new:

  • AMD GPU mining supported. The most exciting addition to this release is the support of AMD mining. AMD owners from across the globe asked us to make mining on the red cards available. You became our driving force and we put all our efforts to bring you the possibility to use your Radeons on MinerGate.
    We also want to take a chance to thank our testers. They made it possible to test the application on the cards they had at their disposal. Without their help, this major addition to our GUI application would have taken much more time.
  • Multiple GPU mining supported. If you have a whole range of graphic cards, now you can use them all for the maximum mining capacity. Set the desired intensity for every card and start making more profit with your own mining farm.
  • Achievements bug fixed. Some of our clients suffered the loss of achievements every time they logged in to the application. We are glad to assure you that starting from this moment you may sleep and mine safe, your achievements will stay with you.
  • Improved design.
  • App freeze during logout fixed.
  • Benchmark results perfected.
  • Minor bugfixes.

We hope our thriving mining community will benefit greatly from these improvements. Explore your mining potential and let us know the results!

A couple of notes on AMD mining:


AMD mining


  1. While developing this release, we compared the results of our miner to Claymore GPU miner. The hashrate may seem different, although note that Claymore sends a lot of invalid shares, which decreases your actual income. MinerGate doesn’t have this issue, thus in the end you win.
  2. Currently our miner supports cards with OpenCL 2.0, although we are working on the algorithm that would make mining available to the older versions of AMDs as well, just keep posted and hopefully we will have good news for you very soon!

Thank you for inspiring us and giving us the directions to go. Thanks to our clients we are able to create and leave mining industry better than we found it.

Rating: 3


My AMD R9 290 (ASUS) was mining XMR with claymore at a speed >600H per second; I’m now trying minergate GUI 5.0.8 and I get a lousy 12 / 14 Hps.
I tried
– rebooting
– updating drivers (currently 15.300.1025.1001)
– changing intensity (1 to 4)
– switching the hardware switch (silent / performance modes)
and nothing changes.
What’s wrong?

Hello, thank you for letting us know! If you get these results, please send us the logs of the application to https://minergate.com/support and we will investigate this. Sorry that you get this hashrate on our miner, hopefully, we will be able to resolve this.

I have an AMD Radeon HD 5670 and your client won’t let me take advantage of it. Also the benchmark function is stopped at” 8/9 MCN Benchmarking”.

Love the site. Hope you get this sorted.


Rating: 3

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Most likely, your card has OpenCL 1.2 and we support the cards starting with 2.0. We are going to develop a version for the models with OpenCL 1.2 this year, so stay tuned!

According to your comment, a HD 5970 wont work either, right?
When do you release your OpenCl 1.2 support this year?

Hello, we are planning to release it in the end of spring or the beginning of summer if the development goes as planned.

sometimes miner gate will let me gpu mine other times when i click to start mining it just stop instantly on me if its mining and i change the intensity it stops and i dont know what is causing it

Hi. I am running minergate on a linux mint 17 system running a NVIDIA GF119 GeForce GT 610 (2GB 64 bit). I see people reporting minergate showing in mH/s. Running both cores on it is showing max 16 H/s. Am I confusing the reading? I am getting 16 hashes a second but should be getting in the thousands? The Intel core 2 processor on the same system runs much higher than the gfx card at 42 H/s. I am new to mining but get the basics but am confused on my results here. Any help is great. I also have 4 servers rented and am considering running minergate on those as well but need a better understanding of the hashes per second results. I get the kH mH and so on. I just am curious as to the results above not correlating. Thank you.

This is what you said, “Currently our miner supports cards with OpenCL 2.0”, I find it hard to discern which cards fall in this category, help me out with a list or something that contains cards in that category. I’ll be glad for the help.

I am trying to gpu mining to work with my GTX 1070 gb. It started once going very slow, and then it stops working and wont allow to start back up. I also get a error on my computer that the driver failed but has been restarted successfully. I have already updated to the latest Nvidia driver

I have a r9 270 why can i not get it to mine or even be of use whatsoever. i really need help with this badly. thanks again

I have a problem with my GPU. It started and 2 secs after stoped, again started and stopped, until the fan reaches more tan 3100 RPM and the computer restart. Could someone giveme some idea about what is going on?