MinerGate GUI Miner v.6.5 – no hashrate drop after DAG epoch switch


Version 6.5 of our GUI miner is ready to give you the best Ethereum mining experience! Now our miner eliminates drop in ETH hashrate after the DAG epoch switch. Find the updated version here and learn all the enhancements we’ve made from our post. 

MinerGate v.6.5 DAG epoch

What’s new:

  •  No hashrate drop after the DAG epoch switch
  •  Improvements for AMD cards on Windows
  •  Logs rotation and auto deletion
  •  Backup achievements file
  •  Improvements for graphics card stability
  •  Minor bugfixes

Please find additional information about some of the new features below.

No hashrate drop after the DAG epoch switch

DAG epoch switch is something that happens every 30 000 blocks or about 4.5 days. When it happens, DAG file is regenerated and Ethereum mining “restarts”.

It especially affects the miners who use not so powerful CPUs for mining. They may experience radical hashrate drop and it may take up to a day to catch up with the previous value. MinerGate is proud to announce that we have solved this issue and your Ethereum mining speed won’t be decreasing every now and again.

Backup achievements file

MinerGate v.6.5 Achievements

Previously, your achievements could have been affected by the sudden shutdown of the system. Of course, it can be discouraging to lose something you have achieved. To help you avoid this, we have created a backup file, which will save your progress and restore the achievements in case of any mishap.

We would like to thank our miners for all the feedback we have received. Each support request and log file we receive helps us make our application better and solve the issues we might have. If you have any suggestions for our team or experience any issues, we encourage you to contact our support team here


how to use multy GPU on this GUI?
right now i had 1 GPU.
but i can use 2 worker in that GPU. so i assume it’s not represent the GPU card it self..
in other hand..
my other friend only had 1 GPU and he can have up to 4 worker..

how can u make it sure that if we use more than 1 GPU. all ther GPU is under load for mining?