Version 5.06 of our app


As usual, MinerGate has something exciting prepared for you. Today, it is the new version of our GUI mining application. This time we brought one major addition to the miner and a few smaller ones.

miner version 5.06

Here is our new GUI application


You can download the version 5.06 of our application here.

Our big surprise is benchmark analysis available in the new version.


benchmark version 5.06

Benchmark in process


Benchmark is a useful tool to estimate your mining capacity. You just need to click the corresponding tab in the application and wait for a minute while your computer is analysed. The app will compare your GPU and CPU power to the average of the community and show the results. Enjoy being one of the coolest miners or get some food for thought on possible changes.


benchmark results

Who can beat my awesome computer? 😉


Another useful addition is payment ID autofill – now you will never waste your time and energy again on finding the necessary address, have them all right in the application.

For dessert we have some changes in the design of our application and minor bug fixes.




When will you release a linux version that supports a current version of linux? I have tried and tried without success to get minergate running on Fedora 21,22 Ubuntu 15.04 and 15.10.