Webmining release


Front-end updates:

  • Webmining — now you can mine directly from your browser! You can choose one of the coins, press Start button and be mining within seconds. This works great for your mobile devices: now you can continue mining even when you are out with friends or travelling without your laptop.



Choose whichever coin you like and mine straight from your browser with our new webmining option!


  • Pool stats — new section with blocks found by the pool. This is a very useful tools or devoted miners who want to analyze the pool and get more information about the blocks. You can follow the link and check out this new page.

CPU miner:

  • Our version of wolf9466/cpuminer-multi with MinerGate support is now on github.
  • Binaries for Ubuntu x64 12.04 and 13.10 made compatible with 14.04.

GUI Miner:

  • Added update notifications.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.




Where are the shares going when I webmine?? I can find no reference of them after I log out and then log back in. No reference anywhere.