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The MinerGate team is pleased to announce that the mining pool for Grin cryptocurrency has been successfully launched, along with its own MinerGate’s Grin block explorer. Now you can discover and start mining one of the most promising Proof of Work coins of early 2019.

The Grin coin is built on a brand new mining protocol called MimbleWimble, whose main features are privacy, security, and scalability. Being a logical continuation for the previous privacy-oriented protocol, such as CryptoNight, today MimbleWimble popularity is spreading like wildfire, so even developers of the Monero (XMR) coin – one of the most famous and valuable privacy coins – appreciated perspectives on this protocol.

There are two mining algorithms within the MimbleWimble protocol with Cuckoo-29 and Cuckoo-31, suited for GPU and ASIC mining respectively. Right at the time, our team supports C-29, and C-31 will be added soon.

The payment model for Grincoin is PPS and no mining fees.

From now on you can download one of the following supported third-party miners, and connect it to the MinerGate’s Grin mining pool:

Our developers are already working on changes and improvements for the MinerGate xFast Miner’s codebase, to enable Grin mining in our own app. After a short testing period, the updated version of our software will become available for all operating systems and hardware configurations. Stay tuned and don’t miss our further announcements – follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

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