Welcome MinerGate BTC mining pool


Welcome MinerGate BTC mining pool

Dear miners,

Today MinerGate is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new SHA-256-based pool for Bitcoin (BTC) mining. It is the first MinerGate’s public BTC mining pool, which opens new frontiers for listing SHA-256-based PoW cryptocurrencies.

From now on, all owners of the BTC-designed ASICs will be able to connect to the MinerGate’s pool and start mining world’s first cryptocurrency as a part of the team with the same goal. Solo mining of Bitcoin is currently fruitless, as even with an enormous hashrate of 70 ASIC miners, it will take almost a year to solve the block and get rewarded. Connecting to our pool will let the users to get rewarded more often, thanks to the joint block solving. The more people participate in block solving – the higher the block-solving frequency.

The main feature of MinerGate BTC mining pool is its dynamic difficulty change, a unique solution, which allows changing the computational complexity depending on the exact hardware used. It means that mining difficulty may be increased or decreased due to the user’s hardware performance in order to provide the constant shares-finding process.

You can find all necessary information on how to set up your ASIC miners to work within the MinerGate BTC pool on the pool’s webpage.

The MinerGate team is continuously developing its services for you to reach the best possible mining experience, while the developers’ main goal is to provide you with the smoothest and most competitive mining solutions, as well as to give you an opportunity to mine various coins, covering all the most popular mining algorithms.

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I am currently mining on the new BTC pool with my Spondooliestech SP20 at around 1300GHS as worker1 and my Gekkoscience 2PAK at about 26.71GHS as worker2. The only thing I am finding wrong is Minergate’s main page is only showing the stats for my cloudmining contracts. It doesn’t show anything for my hardware miners so I can’t tell how well they are mining here yet. I suggest adding a BTC hardware mining section to the mainpage to show the results.

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Uds tienen un bot en telegram ? llamado minergate bitcoing mining ? de ser asi como se retira ?

Hello Kenis,

No, we’ve got no official bots in Telegram. The only official source of MinerGate in telegram is our channel – t.me/minergateminingpool