Year in Review: MinerGate and Monero XMR pool


MinerGate multicurrency mining pool is proud to inform its users about the latest updates, news, and facts about Monero XMR pool. With the remarkable number of workers and the total hashrate that goes far beyond 47 MH/s, this pool is the most popular among MinerGate’s miners. The team has been gathering users’ feedback during all the year, constantly walking extra miles to improve the pool and meet the most demanding expectations. The year 2017 has been marked with several grand upgrades, including enhanced security and stability of the entire mining platform. As a result, MinerGate has made several changes in the withdrawal process and increased the number of operating servers by 3 times. Sounds good?

MinerGate has also some extras for you:

  1. Monero withdraws operations have become 4 times cheaper.
  2. The mining pool is able to process 3 times more withdrawal operations per unit of time than it was processing at the beginning of 2017.
  3. Mining pool supported 2 Monero Hard Forks. Consequently, MinerGate changed the mixIN configuration.
  4. MinerGate started supporting integrated wallet addresses.
  5. Hashrate on Monero’s pool grew up by 3 times.
  6. The brand new VIP program was implemented at the end of 2017. This specific option is available for users with 50 kH/s hashrate or more.
  7. VIP program has an option of automatic withdrawal of 1 XMR to your wallet as soon as you earn it.

Cloud mining

Such an incredible growth and popularity of entire platform stimulated MinerGate to open new features and work closely with cloud mining. Starting in autumn 2017, you have the possibility to buy hashing power (Hashrate) directly on MinerGate and do not worry about further actions. Cloud mining is a great alternative for crypto enthusiasts who are not technically minded in mining at all. This option has a number of serious advantages: you don’t have to spend time researching an equipment and setting up the rig, as well as spending money on electricity bills.

Privilege options

MinerGate offers the special conditions for users who produce more than 50 kH/s while mining Monero. You are granted a membership in the VIP mining club, which provides special conditions for its members. These include several enhancements in the security policy, an increased difficulty pool, a personal account manager, and many more.

At the very beginning of the work, you and MinerGate’s personal account specialist will create a whitelist of IP addresses and wallets that can interact with the account in the future.

Monero VIP

All the updates mentioned in this article have helped community and MinerGate to achieve certain goals. In 2017, the number of workers increased by 4 times, this undoubtedly entailed an increase in the total hashrate. Plus, Monero’s drastic price rise by 35 times since the beginning of last year made the process of mining on MinerGate’s XMR pool very profitable.


Join the community of MinerGate and connect your workers for profitable Monero mining!

Rating: 5


Hey Sergey,
Thank you for your interest. It is always available. Check it out:

I have bought several Monero contracts in different time. All of hash power are 1KHz, but mining quantity and earning are much different. I am wondering why same hash power go to different earning?

После форка XMO, подключаясь к пулу XMR:
в майнере наблюдается много rejections, и хешрейт в майнере никак не соответствует тому хешрейту что показывает dashboard на сайте.
Эта проблема существует не только у меня одного.
Когда вы собираетесь её исправить?

The Users of MinerGate which Mining the Monero (XMR) CryptoCurrency with 50 kH/s HashRate or More will be Granted A Membership in the VIP Mining Club; and My Question is: Does 50 kH/s HashRate is the Sum Between the Real Mining (CPU & GPU Mining) + the Cloud Mining or Not……??

Rating: 5

Hello, Erwin

No, it’s not a sum, but only your real mining hashrate.