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Code of Conduct

Performance Improvements

We have been in this space for sufficiently extended time period to fully understand that consistent and developing performance is of utmost importance when it comes to network maintenance. Therefore, as noted, a significant portion of the block rewards will be directly channeled towards enhancements to the existing infrastructure, R&D, and equally important to formation and development of efficient human capital base. As past experience has shown, this practice has proven its effectiveness and we believe will be at least equally successful in the EOS ecosystem.

The EOS Constitution & ECAF Decisions

At all times we will follow and obey the rules, of the most recently voted by the EOS community, Constitution. With regard to block production, we consider the EOS Constitution to be the one and only contract which we will uphold. Any and all demands that are in contradiction with the Constitution will be ignored in order to safeguard the liberties and rights of the community. Immediately after arbitration decisions are made and enacted we will enforce them in full and will not publish any speculations or opinions on ongoing arbitral processes.

Transparency & Integrity

We will transparently demonstrate our operating and financing structure to provide compliance with beyond that expected by the EOS Constitution. Furthermore, we shall never provide support or establish any relation with any party that would imply votes purchasing. We believe that this practice is detrimental to EOS and is in sharp contrast with our views about the future of the community we want to support.

Independence & Cooperation

To ensure that conflict of interests is avoided at all times, we shall never have in excess of single block producer on the EOS blockchain. Furthermore, neither other EOS block producers will hold interest in MinerGate, nor we will have any relation with any entity or person who is financially affiliated with another EOS block producer or Block.one itself. Instead, we will actively seek ways to cooperate with the rest of the block producers, in a way that is beneficial for the EOS ecosystem — for example, geopolitical location of hardware and synchronized software development.

Changes to the Code of Conduct

An official announcement of intent for changes to this Code of Conduct will be made in a timely manner and in accordance with the approval of the wider EOS community.

Disclosure on Ownership

MinerGate has serious obligations to its users. As one of the most popular and oldest pools in the world, MinerGate's operational scale may be larger than that of a typical block producer. Accordingly, the party engaged in the production of blocks should not affect the entire structure, integrity and principles of MinerGate.
For this reason, beneficiaries will not be disclosed publicly, and neither will the organizational structure. Privacy is the main value of MinerGate, and we will stick to it.
Our developers are high-class professionals involved in a variety of projects, and each of them is of great importance for MinerGate. Therefore, respect for their privacy and concern for their safety is one of our key priorities. While we stay as transparent as possible for users in everything that concerns their risks, opportunities, and rewards, we do not reveal the identity of the developers.