Ethereum Classic (ETC) Mining Pool

Ethereum Classic or Ether Classic is a cryptocurrency that emerged in the result of the Ethereum blockchain fork which occurred in July, 2015. Two networks appeared: Ethereum, with changed code, and Ethereum Classic, supported by community members, who believed in the original ideology of the Ethereum.
Despite the fact that Ethereum Classic is using the Proof-of-Work protocol, the difficulty of this network is still not that high. This makes Ethereum Classic interesting for novice miners.
Moreover, developers removed the complexity bomb in the original Ethereum mining protocol, motivating a long-term investment in ETC mining industry.


World hash rate
Pool hash rate
Connected miners
Blocks mined (total)
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Exchange rate (avg. price)
ETC  = 0.00109602

Advantages for miners

Low mining difficulty
Unlimited emission of new coins
Difficulty Bomb removed & PoW mining prevails
Listed on most of the cryptocurrency exchanges
Direct exchange to USD, EUR, CNY, RUR, GBP and other fiat money

Download Ethereum Classic Mining Software

Join our mining pool with more than 340 other Ethereum Classic miners.
We provide the easiest GUI software available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OS, as well as commands for Console mining.
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All available GUI solutions

7 or later 64 bit (NVIDIA Driver Required)
MinerGate xFast GUI Miner v1.4
18.04 or later 64 bit
MinerGate xFast GUI Miner v1.2
10.13 or later 64 bit
MinerGate xFast GUI Miner v1.4
Android 4.1 or later
MinerGate mobile v2.5

Ethereum Classic Mining Profitability Calculator

Electricity Cost
Pool fee
Hardware Cost
Estimated Year Profit with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti × 5
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Ethereum Mining Benchmarks Comparison

Only video cards with 4 GB or more graphic memory are capable to mine Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Benchmarks shows that flagship NVidia Geforce cards, like GTX 1070, GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti are more effective in mining ETC than AMD Radeon top-tier hardware.

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What else to consider when building a rig for Ethereum Classic?

  1. An open-air rig for multiple GPUs to avoid hardware overheating
  2. At least 4 GB RAM & 4 GB video RAM or VRAM
  3. A motherboard with enough PCI inputs and riser cables for each GPU card
  4. Reliable power supply and cheapest SSD for storing OS
  5. Temperature monitoring, overclocking software and stable internet connection
Mining Rig

Frequently Asked Questions

We're working on this issue and will announce it soon. Currently the pool has one more Ethash coin — Ethereum (ETH)
You will earn 1% PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) for ETC mining. Learn more

For easy & quick start you may use our GUI miner.