I have been mining my currency for several days and my balance in this currency hasn’t increased a bit

First of all you need to understand which of the two main balances is not growing – confirmed or unconfirmed.

1) If you have discovered that it is your unconfirmed balance that is not increasing despite all your mining efforts, please see the appropriate FAQ article on how to proceed.

2) If you have discovered that it is your confirmed balance that’s not increasing, then please check the amount that you have on your unconfirmed balance at this time and compare it to the correlating confirmation threshold of your currency.

  • If it is less, then everything is going according to the algorithm, you are still mining to reach this confirmation threshold, after you do, it will become confirmed.
  • If your unconfirmed balance is greater than or equal to the correlating confirmation threshold, then proceed to the Service health page and check ‘Balance confirmation’ marker for your currency.
    • ‘Offline’ or ‘Delayed’ markers means there is currently an issue with balance confirmation and it is being resolved at the very moment by MinerGate tech team. Please wait for ‘Online’ marker to appear and check your balance again. It should be confirmed correctly by then.
    • ‘Online’ marker combined with the already reached but still not confirmed confirmation threshold is a sign to contact MinerGate support team. Please don’t forget to mention which currency is in question.