Blockchain Explorers


This is MinerGate’s own service of blockchain explorer in multiple currencies. Blockchain explorer is a tool that allows to check the status of a certain transaction and find all the information there is about it in the network. This tool has purely informative purposes and should not be interpreted as MinerGate taking responsibility for unconfirmed transactions. If your transaction is not completed, please contact the Support team of the service (wallet, pool or exchange) that you’ve sent it from.


  • Currency menu allows you to choose from a wide range of supported currencies. Don’t forget to choose a correct currency before inserting the transaction hash into the search field.

  • Each currency’s tab contains the following information and tools:
    • Blockchain rate, coins emitted, difficulty, network hashrate - all up-to-date and actual at the current moment. Note that some blockchains’ tabs (ZEC, BTG, ETH, ETC) do not have information on emitted coins due to specifics of their algorithms.
    • Search input field where you can initiate a search of your transaction or block using the following data - block hash, block height, transaction hash, payment id
    • There’s also a block allowing you to see all the unconfirmed transactions in the currency in real time
    • List of all recent blocks found in the currency with height, timestamp (UTC), size, number of transactions and hash for each of the blocks.
  • The result page of the search for a transaction consists of the following blocks:
    • Transaction hash or txid - unique fingerprint of the transaction
    • First confirmation time (UTC) - the time when the transaction was included in the block
    • Fee - network fee taken for processing the transaction, depends on the size of the transaction in bytes. CryptoNote currencies will have this zeroed up or changed for security reasons.
    • Sum of outputs. CryptoNote currencies will have this zeroed up or changed for security reasons.
    • Size of the transaction in bytes
    • One-time public key
    • Payment ID - if entered when initiating the transaction
    • Transaction information 


    • From block - information that is consistent for every currency and has the most value in terms of investigating the transaction’s fate

      • Block hash
      • Block height (the number of confirmation that the transaction has received from the network determines its successful/or not processing
      • Timestamp (UTC) of the block