Chat Rules

These Chat rules were designed to keep MinerGate’s chat a friendly and clean environment for the community. Please follow them and respect each other. Any offenders will be banned from the Chat.

These rules apply to all chat rooms, please take them into consideration before posting anything. This will prevent any confusion, so if you have any doubts about what you are going to post, take a quick look upon the rules first.

  1. Please respect other members and do not discriminate other users in chat. Tell a moderator if you feel your opinions/views/beliefs and feelings have not be respected appropriately by other members.
  2. We ask you to refrain from posting any external links. Doing so may lead you to a ban.
  3. New members join crypto world and MinerGate every day – this is great, it makes the system safer. Welcome new folks and lend them a helping hand. The sooner they get involved and learn the ropes, the better our community will be.
  4. If moderators ask you to refrain from posting something in the Chat, please respect their wish and stop.
  5. We know that we are a multi-national community, that’s why we have several chat rooms on MinerGate for different languages, so please use the language appropriate to the specific chat room.
  6. No advertising of any sort is allowed in the Chat. You can post informative links, like links to some videos or articles related to the discussion but please don’t litter the site with referral links. This will most likely lead you to a ban.
  7. Do not impersonate support members of MinerGate or claim to have any special influence with our team.
  8. Asking account details of other members of the project is forbidden. You can share personal information in order to communicate privately with other chat members, such as your Skype addresses etc., but never any information that can put any account in danger. Also, note that nobody from MinerGate will ever ask your password or account details.
  9. Please do not use capitals if not necessary to emphasize something. Other members may interpret it as shouting.
  10. Please refrain from swearing excessively. It can be used sometimes in reason and moderation but please mind other members of the Chat. If they are offended in some way and want you to stop, please respect them and do so.
  11. Nobody likes flooding, so keep your posting at human-readable pace and don’t draw out the legitimate chat.