I have made a withdrawal (transfer), but never got the money and my transaction has status ‘Failed’ in MinerGate transaction history

  • Check if you have the email confirmation option enabled for your account. You can do it in your Profile.
  • If your account has e-mail confirmation enabled, you should have received a message to your email address with a special link to confirm your withdrawal. This link expires in 24 hours if not clicked and the transaction fails.
  • If you don’t have the e-mail confirmation option enabled for your account (or you have found the link and clicked on it in time) and the transaction still failed, please proceed to the Service Health page and see if there are any problems with transactions in this particular currency at the moment. If there are some, this means that we are aware of the issue and our techs are currently working their hardest to fix it. Please wait until the transactions go back to online status and then try to withdraw again.

If the transactions are perfectly healthy and yours still failed, please wait for another hour or two and check the Service Health again. If you are still getting the failed status, then it’s time to contact MinerGate Support team.