How to create Zcash wallet?

There is an official Zcash client and a variety of third-party wallets, including console, GUI and mobile ones. They can be found on Zcash community blog and the coin's official website
  • For GUI wallets - start and wait until the blockchain is synchronized. It usually happens within a matter of hours
  • For mobile wallets – just install the wallet to your mobile device, they usually do not require synchronization.
  • For official Zcash client:

You can download the binaries here https://github.com/zcash/zcash/releases, run the daemon and wait until it is synchronized with the blockchain. Although, there is no guarantee that everything you need would be added correctly, so we suggest you to compile it yourself following the instructions from User Guide User Guide on Github or our tutorial below.

First, note that the official client supports only Ubuntu or Debian-based 64-bit systems. Our tutorial is made for Ubuntu; Debian would be just slightly different.

1. Compile an official Zcash client

Run the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install \
build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib \
autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python \
zlib1g-dev wget bsdmainutils automake

Then fetch the repository with git and run fetch-params.sh:

$ git clone https://github.com/zcash/zcash.git
$ cd zcash/
$ ./zcutil/fetch-params.sh

You should enter and execute these commands one after the other.

2. Run the build to compile the dependencies and build zcashd:

$ ./zcutil/build.sh -j$(nproc)

You can run additional tests if you wish, as described here

3. Run the following commands to create the required directory and place a configuration file correctly. Please execute them consecutively.

mkdir -p ~/.zcash
echo "addnode=mainnet.z.cash" >~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "rpcuser=username" >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "rpcpassword=`head -c 32 /dev/urandom | base64`" >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf

4. Run zcashd:


If everything is correct, you will see something nice. Now you should wait for the blockchain to synchronize. It may take a couple of hours.

5. Open a second terminal. You need it to generate the address. Zcash has two types of addresses, t-addr is similar to Bitcoin and z-addr is a shielded address. MinerGate supports transactions only to t-addresses.

In order to create it, run the following command in the second terminal:

./src/zcash-cli getnewaddress

Your new address will appear. If you need multiple addresses for some reason, you can just execute this command as many times as you wish. All the addresses you create will be associated with this wallet.

6. Now you can send the coins you’ve mind to your brand new desktop wallet. Enjoy and make profit with MinerGate!