What is the process of getting the rewards on MinerGate?

  • When you mine a coin, you submit shares. Shares are solutions to mathematical tasks that are being sent to your computer from the network. Once your computer solves the task, it sends the solution back to the network. This process is called submitting shares. The speed with which your computer submits shares is called hashrate.
  • All the rewards depend on the number of shares submitted for a period of time (aka hashrate) and their quality.
  • There are two different mechanisms of calculating your reward - two reward methods - PPLNS and PPS.
  • Note that the amount of the reward depends on many different factors such as currency’s difficulty, block height, world hashrate and many others.
  • MinerGate has certain pool fees (depending on the reward method) that are charged from your minings BEFORE they are added to your balance.
  • All penalties for invalid shares are charged from your minings BEFORE adding them to your balance too