How to set up the 2-step authentication for my account?

Go to your Profile and click the ‘Enable’ Button in the 2-step authentication block.

Get the special Authenticator application. The most popular is the Google Authenticator that is available both for Android and iOS and can be downloaded in Play Store or Apple Store. If you do not have the opportunity to use your mobile device as the authenticator host, opt into using a browser plug-in with the same functions.

Link your newly acquired app (or plug-in) to your MinerGate account. Scan the QR-code with your mobile app or enter the digital code manually (browser plug-in users will have to enter the digital code manually too)

Your app or plug-in will respond with a verification code. This is the code that you should enter in the ‘Verification code’ text-box. Type in your password then and click “Enable” again, receive a ‘Confirmation email sent’ notification. Then proceed to your mailbox, find a confirmation and follow the link to finish the 2FA enabling process. The link will redirect you to your profile.