I noticed that I have invalid shares, what do I do?

Invalid shares might be caused by either an issue with the miner software you're using (bad settings) or by your hardware (most common ones are unstable overclock and incompatible driver version). 

If you ar sure your software is up-to-date, all the drivers are updated, and you did not overuse the GPU overclocking, contact the MinerGate support team with the following information:

    • Hardware information (CPU, GPU)
    • Software information (OS, version of the software that you are using for mining)
    • Logs (if you are using our soft, then both MinerGate logs and currency logs for the period that invalid shares started occurring; if you are using some alternative software, then please try to provide currency logs for the same period). Please send the logs in .txt format, separated (and named differently) for each of your workers.