Why do I receive no rewards from my friend's mining?

There’s a strong chance that you do receive your rewards. They are usually added to your account’s unconfirmed balance without any special notifications. To see your profits, choose any currency from the 'All currencies' drop-down list on the Affiliate page.

If you’ve checked every currency in the list and still haven’t found your rewards, please contact your referral and see if he is actively mining (using our software or our pool addresses with alternative software).

If you have no rewards and your friend is mining, contact MinerGate Support team. Note that your referral should have registered on MinerGate directly from the link that you gave him. Situations when they open the link, like the content, close the page and register a week later do not make them your referrals. If this is the case, MinerGate team will be able to link your friend’s account to yours manually. Just provide the email that your friend used when signing up.