My transaction is 'pending'. What does it mean?

If you have the email confirmation option enabled for your account, check your email address associated with MinerGate account and see if you have received a confirmation email. Click on the link if you did. 

If you you did receive the message and clicked on a link or if you do not have any email confirmation options at all and your transaction is still pending, please proceed to the Service Health page and check the marker in the withdrawals column near your currency.

If it has the ‘Delayed’ red marker, this means that there are currently some issues delaying the processing of your transaction. Our tech team is aware of these issues and is working to resolve them as soon as possible. Please wait until the marker becomes ‘Online’ again and check your transaction. Most probably it will be processed successfully by that time or failed and refunded back to your balance.

  • If transactions in your currency are perfectly healthy (have ‘Online’ status) and yours is still pending, contact MinerGate Support team and ask for help. Remember to include some information about the pending transaction (currency, sum and date)