Transactions history tab

The Transaction history is designed to help users navigate through their transfers and withdrawals. Note that it shows not only outgoing transactions, but incoming too.


  • Currency drop-down list - you can choose ‘All currencies’ to see all your transactions or you can be more specific and check your transactions in one of the currencies of our pool.
  • Transaction type drop-down list - you can choose ‘All’ to see every single type of transactions to be shown or you can be more specific and choose transfers or withdrawals
  • Transaction information table
    • Date of initiation
    • Transaction type (withdrawal, transfer, Freewallet transfer)
    • From - you’ll find your MinerGate account here for outgoing transactions and account of the sender for incoming transfers
    • To - for withdrawals you will find the recipient information here.
    • Amount

Transaction status - finished, pending or failed