Getting to know the Dashboard


  1. Monero
    Сurrency’s name.
  2. The numbers next to the currency’s name
    Нour current (confirmed) balance in this currency available for withdrawal.
  3. The value and the ‘BTC’ drop-down list next to it
    The value of your confirmed balance displayed in BTC (you can choose it to be displayed in USD or EUR).
  4. You
    Your estimated hashrate for this currency at the moment. Note that the hashrate that is shown in the Dashboard is not the sum of hashrates on your CPUs and GPUs. It has a special different algorithm integrated. This algorithm calculates hashrate factoring the average number of good shares submitted during a period of time.
  5. Status
    Shows whether you have online workers mining this currency at this particular moment.
  6. Active workers  
    The actual number of different devices and/or applications mining this currency under your account.
  7. Unconfirmed  
    Amount of mined coins that are waiting to be confirmed by our servers. This amount is included in total mined, but is not available for withdrawal yet. Once it is confirmed, the amount will be added to your actual current balance in this currency (see paragraph 2 of this list).
  8. Good shares
    Total amount of correct shares to be rewarded.
  9. Bad shares
    Total amount of correct shares that haven’t been sent to the network in time or haven’t reached it at all. These shares are not rewarded. This can happen due to variety of reasons, the most popular one is bad internet connection. If you are getting lots of bad shares, we recommend to consult with your ISP regarding probable packet loss. You can learn more about good, bad and invalid shares here:
  10. Total mined
    Total amount that has been mined in this currency during all time. This includes confirmed, unconfirmed balances and affiliate profit. Еhis does not include incoming transfers or the funds obtained by some other way besides mining (refunds, airdrops, and others.)
  11. Blocks
    The found blocks in your Dashboard mean that yours was the last share submitted before the block had been found. This fact does not bring any additional reward. Your rewards for these blocks have been added to your account properly according to the amount of shares that you have mined.
  12. Pool
    Estimated MinerGate hashrate
  13. Miners
    Number of people who mine this currency on pool
  14. World
    World hashrate
  15. Blockchain height
    The current blockchain height for this coin
  16. Difficulty
    The current difficulty for this coin
  17. PPS / PPLNS reward method and fee
    These buttons allow you to choose between reward methods for currencies that support both of them.