MinerGate ICON
Public Representative

MinerGate is pleased to announce it will support the ICON mainnet by becoming its new Public Representative. Thanks to our strong expertise in high load solutions for both hardware and software systems and community of experienced crypto enthusiasts MinerGate will help ICON scale to a new level.

Our proposal

Our proposal in mainly focused around the reliability and stability of the ICON ecosystem. In a nutshell: we give the community solid blocks to the blockchain and get rewarded. We will continue to upgrade our infrastructure to establish a cutting-edge technology.
We strongly recommend the community to overhaul the delegated vote rewards system. We offer the community to discuss the increase count of Main P-reps from 22 to 50. This initiative will make participation more affordable and involve more community members in ICON ecosystem. As a part of future development, we consider a creation of various tools related to ICON ecosystem.

Server configuration for ICON Main P-rep

Instance type:
CPU model:
Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M @ 3.00 GHz
1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps)
10 Gbps