MinerGate Token

Give a warm welcome to our brand new loyalty token for MinerGate. The token is designed as an instrument of interactions between users and the company, serving as the fuel of the project. The MinerGate token elevates user experience to a new level in terms of quality. This is the newest approach for developing one of the oldest blockchain-related organizations.

Token proposes:

Development fuel
Making the client experience within MinerGate services more attractive, smooth and comfortable is our passion. That’s why it was decided to bring the new essence to the ecosystem. The Token grants an opportunity to take part in further MinerGate development, acting as a fuel for the whole project. Holders will be able to have personal fees and truly unique user experience.
Loyalty tool
The key point of the MinerGate Token is to become a promotion of our users' loyalty. MinerGate Token is not a fundraising tool and never will be. Fundraising concepts have severely affected and discredited the concept of utility tokens. Unlike other, our token will not seek to raise MinerGate’s profit but to build a strong community around it and push the development of the industry.
Support of EOS network
It’s been a while since the MinerGate team paid its attention to the EOS network. It was a very perspective project at its start, and now the bright future of it is almost indisputable. Our team decided to release own token exactly on EOS platform in order to help our community to get in touch with this ambitious project and join its future with us.